Online Poker Tells

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    Normally when one thinks of a “tell” in poker, they imagine one’s use of body language as the key indicator of the strength of their opponent’s hands. Some may even overlook the possibility of tells in online poker since there is typically no physical view of their opponents. However, there are actually three important factors you… Read more

    Bankroll Management

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    Whether you’re a rank amateur or a veteran to the game, without using proper bankroll management skills, it can be very easy to go broke before you know it. Skill is the most defining aspect of the game, but luck is still a factor. Any long-time gambler will tell you that streaks of luck go… Read more

    The Importance of Note Taking

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    One critical tool almost all sites offer, that is usually overlooked, is the ability to keep detailed notes on your opponents. This ability is usually accessed by clicking on the user’s name. The best sites even have a colour coding system to make quick references without needing to read your notes.  This article will show… Read more

    Preflop Hand Selection: The Hutchison System

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    One of the biggest mistakes new players make is that they play too many hands. Without the experience and knowledge of your opponent’s game, a loose playing style will more likely lead to going broke. The Hutchison System, created by Edward Hutchison, was designed by mathematically rating each starting hand based on their value, their… Read more

    Basic Position Strategy

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    Poker is a fairly simple game to learn but very difficult to master. There are only a small percentage of players that know all intricies that come with years of experience.  In other words, the ability to quickly size up a particular situation and act appropriately. This is where poker can become very difficult since… Read more

    Texas Holdem: The Basics

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    -Brief History- Poker has a long, rich history but there still exists a bit of mystique behinds its origins.  It was first believed to have originated as a version of the Persian game Âs Nas, but now many historians believe that it’s more likely to have derived from the French game Poque. In the late 1800’s,… Read more

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