Why Freeroll Tournaments Are a Great Way of Improving Your Poker Strategy!

Freeroll poker generally refers to tournaments that do not have entry fees. The tournaments are usually run as promotions by the various physical and online poker rooms, Playtech’s iPoker and Microgaming’s Prima powered rooms being good examples.

Although you will not pay an entry fee into the tournament, you can still win real money. The total prize money is indicated on the title of the promotion. For example, a £5,000 freeroll tournament has a total prize money of £5,000. You should note that some freerolls require payment at some point in the course of the games. These poker tournaments can help you improve your poker strategy, particularly because they give you some free or affordable practise sessions.

Types of Poker Tournaments

Here are the types of free poker tournaments available in online and land-based casinos:

  • Exclusive- Exclusive freeroll poker tournaments are only available to members of specific casinos. They are not open to people who have not signed up to the specific website. These freeroll tournaments may also require you to earn a specific number of loyalty points. You can earn these points by paying for poker games and tournaments. Other casinos have rake requirements for people who are interested in joining the freeroll tournaments.
  • Non-exclusive- These freeroll tournaments are designed to attract new customers to the online casino. They are available to players who have not signed up with the site. Usually, non-exclusive freeroll tournaments involve many players and can be more competitive.

How Can Freeroll Poker Tournaments Help You Improve Your Strategy?

If you have never played poker, you may be nervous about making your first bet in the game. In such cases, you should consider joining freeroll tournaments. These games are free to join, and they help you try out the tips you have been reading about. This way, you will be able to determine which ones will work for you and which ones you should discard.

At the same time, you will be able to play with many different people, and this will expose you to different styles of play. You can pick up on some of the good styles of play over the tournaments. Many people have the misconception that freeroll tournaments only gather people without experience in the game. This is false as the casinos set high real money wins for the tournaments to attract many professional players. It may be even impossible for you to win in your first few trials, but you can use these sessions for practice.

It is important to play to win. Many people are unable to practise properly with freeroll tournaments because they don’t have any money to lose. To avoid playing carelessly, you should have your mind set on winning the real money prize. Also, you should not solely practise playing poker in freeroll tournaments since there are some poker freeroll strategy tips that will not apply well in regular poker games and tournaments. For example, in freeroll tournaments, most people find it beneficial to bet the smallest amount of money. Also, freeroll poker tournaments do not feature high levels of pressure and stress. This is because you don’t have any money to lose.

Considerations When Joining a Freeroll Poker Tournament

Poker freerolls tournaments are not exclusive to online casinos. In traditional casinos, you should check how long the freeroll poker tournament is set to run. If you are visiting a place for just a few days, you may not even be around when the final games are played. Also, you should make sure you are free for the games. Playing between other tasks can affect your gameplay as you will not be able to apply your strategy properly.

In online poker, you should check the terms and conditions of the freeroll tournament. These terms and conditions may not be favourable for you. Make sure you read the small print to see whether there is any form of payment required at any point of the tournament.


With freeroll tournaments, you can play poker for free. The casino and its sponsors contribute towards the final money prize. The tournaments can either be exclusive or non-exclusive. Exclusive tournaments are only available to members of specific casinos, and those who join may need to have a certain number of loyalty points. Non-exclusive tournaments are open to all poker enthusiasts. You can use these tournaments to practise your poker strategy and also learn how other people play the game.

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