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Poker Journal: 2011 FTP WSOP Fantasy Draft Tips And Tricks

With just one day to go before the official start to the 2011 World Series of Poker, many poker fans are scouring the web in search of last-minute tips to fill their rosters. This year’s draft is particularly tricky as many veteran players native to the U.S.... Read more

Evolution Of Televised Poker Events

The popularity of poker has had exponential growth in the last few decades and with it has come more televised coverage. Most of the coverage in the beginning was massively edited to condense multiple days of play into 20 minute segments and supplied little information to the... Read more

Poker Journal: SCOOP Results & Razz Tournament Strategy

For the past week and a half, I’ve been playing a healthy dose of SCOOP events – eleven in total so far, with a few more remaining to go. I haven’t had all that much luck and only have two cashes under my belt but with field... Read more

SCOOP Events/Daily Big Poker Journal: Preparing For The Game

This week is going to be a great test to my endurance as I’m planning on tackling several low limit SCOOP events on PokerStars so as the first part of my journal, I wanted to address some diet tips while preparing to play long events. With fields... Read more

Outs And Odds Reference Chart

Here’s a handy two-part chart that you can use to quickly assess the odds that you have to make your hand based on the outs you have remaining. The first column (orange) represents the number of outs you have with the fourth column (purple) giving examples as... Read more

Poker Psychology: The Blame Game

We have all seen this type of situation before:  After being dealt pocket aces, you open up for a raise and get a caller form the button. The flop is [AC][5D][7H] and you think “Bingo!” You check the flop and the button puts in a big over-bet.... Read more

Sit & Go’s: Super Turbo

Whether you like fast paced action or you just want to practice aggressive short stacked play, super turbo’s can bring some excitement into the normally dull grind. Some poker players believe that super turbos are nothing but lotteries and while there is no doubt that luck plays... Read more

Sit & Go’s: Profitable Strategies

For many professional poker players, Sit & Go’s are their preferred main source of income. This is due to a lower variance factor compared to cash games, as well as more flexible time commitments since a game can go from start to finish in under an hour.... Read more

Online Poker Tells

Normally when one thinks of a tell in poker, they imagine one’s use of body language as the key indicator of the strength of their opponent’s hands. Some may even overlook the possibility of tells in online poker since their is typically no physical view our their opponents.... Read more

Bankroll Management

Whether you're a rank amateur or a veteran to the game, without using proper bankroll management skills, it can be very easy to go broke before you know it. Read more

The Importance Of Note Taking

One critical tool almost all sites offer, that is usually overlooked, is the ability to keep detailed notes on your opponents. This article will show you how to make the most of the tools given to you by combining them with a player identification system developed by... Read more

Preflop Hand Selection: The Hutchison System

One of the biggest mistakes new players make is that they play too many hands. The Hutchison System will help you get a better sense of the strength of your starting hands and how to play them. Read more

Basic Position Strategy

This article discusses the principles behind basic position strategy. Read more

Texas Holdem: The Basics

Poker has a long, rich history but there still exists a bit of mystique behinds its origins.... Read more

Poker Glossary

As we provide more articles about poker strategy, there may be a time when we discuss a term that you are not familiar with. Therefore we have created this glossary to help alleviate that problem. To start, we have added a sampling of basic poker terms, but... Read more


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2012 WSOP: The October Nine

This year’s World Series of Poker Final Table of the Main Event is dominated by a field of eight Americans, with one sole Hungarian hoping...

2012 WSOP: 27 Players Remain

Day 6 of the World Series of Poker Main Event had 97 players at the start. By the end of the day, just 27 remained...

2012 WSOP:Special S&G For 4-Way Bubble

Every year, it has been customary to give the Main Event bubble boy a free entry into the following year’s WSOP Main Event. As the...

PokerStars Becomes BSOP Sponsor

The most prestigious poker series in Brazil, Brazilian Series of Poker (BSOP), is now part of PokerStars global tournament calendar, which includes some of the world’s...