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WSOP 2012: Antonio Esfandiari Wins ONEDROP

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If you play a lot of tournaments, once in awhile you will find yourself getting dealt the right cards at the right time – you just hope it happens when there is a lot of money on the line. Antonio Esfandiari fell right smack in the middle of the “right time” on Tuesday night and wound up making history along with it.

Esfandiari had everything going for him, winning pot after pot helped in part by being dealt the highest share of premium hands out of any of the other competitors. By the time he would face Sam Trickett heads up, Esfandiairi would have also a 3-1 chip lead and used that advantage to defeat Trickett within 30 minutes.

With the $18 million 1st place win, Esfandiari jumped to the head of the all-time tournament earnings list with $23,245,828 – $6.3 million more then the previous top gun, Erik Seidel.