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FTP’s Ray Bitar Makes Bail

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After spending spending a week in jail, Ray Bitar has been granted bail despite an attempt by the prosecution to have bail denied. Initially his bail was set for $250,000 but was increased to $2.5 million after the Department of Justice brought new charges against him once he set foot on U.S soil. Bitar now faces the possibility of a maximum 145 years in jail if convicted on all charges.

Under the bail agreement, Bitar must post a $2,500,000 bond with at least $1 million secured and may not leave the state of New York until he provides the court with a full disclosure of his assets. When he is eventually allowed to to return to his home in Glendora, California, he will be required to wear a electronic bracelet to track his movements. He also had to surrender his passport and agreed to not apply for a new one.