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Chimo Rheem Placed On Probation By EPL

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Chino Rheem has been placed on probation after the Epic Poker League’s Standards and Conduct Committee held a hearing to deal with the complaints being issued by other professional players. Rheem recently won the EPL’s inaugural event Main Event for a 1$ million dollar first prize, but created a stir at the cash-out cage when several irate poker players accosted Rheem to pay back his outstanding loans and debts.

Apparently, Rheem was staked up to 70% of the buy-in with 10% of the winnings reserved for charity so he was only earning $120,000 of the $1 million prize. As a result, several players that he held debts with were only able to get 10 to 20 percent of what was owed to them.

Following the hearing, the EPL’s Standards and Conduct Committee issued the following statement:

During the formation of the Epic Poker League, the Standards & Conduct Committee made a policy decision that any personal conduct that occurred prior to the League’s formation would not affect initial eligibility of a league member. The Committee, however, communicated to the League members that subsequent to the start of League play, the Committee would enforce discipline against any League member who violated the League policies, including the Players’ Code of Conduct, or the law. As a result of ongoing personal financial obligations incurred prior to the League’s formation but impacting the League during the Inaugural Epic Poker League Main Event, the Committee has voted to place David “Chino” Rheem on probation in order to effectively monitor the personal conduct of Mr. Rheem as he works to meet his personal financial obligations as required under the Players’ Code of Conduct. Under the integrity and Honor principles of the Player’s Code, meeting “financial responsibilities on time and honoring contractual agreements” is required to maintain eligibility. In reaching its decision, the Committee recognized that Mr. Rheem used best efforts and all of the proceeds he personally received from winning the Inaugural Epic Poker League Main Event to partially satisfy outstanding financial obligations.

By order of the Committee, Mr. Rheem must continue to proactively repay his outstanding debts by, from this point forward, using any and all proceeds Mr. Rheem personally receives from personal poker winnings worldwide to satisfy all of his remaining financial obligations in an orderly fashion. In addition, Mr. Rheem must continue to report to the Committee regarding his compliance with the terms of his probation. The probation period will remain in effect until Mr. Rheem has satisfied his pre‐league formation financial obligations. Failure to do so or any subsequent violations of league policies or the law by Mr. Rheem will result in immediate suspension of Mr. Rheem from the League.