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Breaking News: Ray Bitar Surrenders To U.S. Authorities

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Earlier this afternoon, a thread was posted on the 2+2 poker forums that declared Ray Bitar, the CEO of Full Tilt Poker, has surrendered to the U.S. Department of Justice and included an alleged e-mail sent to all staff:

To all Dublin Staff,

By now you probably have heard that I have returned to the US to deal with civil and criminal case that are pending against me in New York. We have all worked hard over the last 15 months to preserve Full Tilt’s assets and potential in order to provide for the repayment of all players, and that continues to be our top priority. It is as important as ever that we all do everything possible to make that happen and, hopefully our deal with Poker Stars will very soon make our goal a reality. My return to the US is part of this process.

I am particularly grateful to all of you here in Dublin for your hard work, patience and understanding during this difficult time. I believe that your hard work and dedication should not go unrecognized, and we have made arrangements for Poker Stars to guarantee all July salaries. You should therefore have no concern about coming to work during this period. After that, we expect that your employment contracts will be assumed by the buyer of the company’s assets.

For those that need to reach me, I expect to continue to be available by email and phone starting late Monday, New York time.

In the meantime, please refer any operational questions to **REDACTED**, and any HR questions to **REDACTED**.

Thank you all again.

Kind regards,

Raymond J Bitar

After a quick call to the U.S. Attorney’s, they have confirmed the story and said a statement will be released soon. Also, the criminal docket for the case was updated today with a sealed document that is believed to be Bitar’s official statement.