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2012 WSOP:Special S&G For 4-Way Bubble

Every year, it has been customary to give the Main Event bubble boy a free entry into the following year’s WSOP Main Event. As the action got close to the magic number of 666 players, an unusual event happened when it went hand-for-hand. Five players went all-in... Read more

WSOP Bubble Boy

Reza Kashani just became the most popular person in the Amazon room as Jack Effel announced that all survivors had earned a minimum $19,359 – almost double the buy-in – following Kasani’s elimination. Kashani will get a consolation prize however, as he gets to come back next... Read more

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Controversy During $50k Poker Player Championship

The $50k Poker Player Championship is considered one of the more prestigious events at the World Series of Poker, so there is no surprise that... Read more

2012 WSOP: Rule 88 Causes ‘Tweet’ Controversy

Every year, the WSOP goes through several rule changes that they put into place to try an enhance play. Many of these rules are necessary... Read more