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FTP’s Ray Bitar Makes Bail

After spending spending a week in jail, Ray Bitar has been granted bail despite an attempt by the prosecution to have bail denied. Initially his bail was set for $250,000 but was increased to $2.5 million after the Department of Justice brought new charges against him once... Read more

Breaking News: Ray Bitar Surrenders To U.S. Authorities

Earlier this afternoon, a thread was posted on the 2+2 poker forums that declared Ray Bitar, the CEO of Full Tilt Poker, has surrendered to the U.S. Department of Justice and included an alleged e-mail sent to all staff: To all Dublin Staff, By now you probably... Read more

Black Friday: John Campos Sentenced Three Months

John Campos, the Utah banker that helped process poker payouts in the U.S., was sentenced to three months in prison on Wednesday. Campos had previously pleaded guilty to processing $200 million in gambling proceeds back in March of this year. He was the vice chairman for the... Read more

Judge Challenges Campos Plea Deal

Judge Lewis A. Kaplan, the US district judge overseeing the Black Friday trials, has declared he may refuse to accept the guilty plea made by John Campos until the U.S. prosecution provides a reasonable explanation on why they can not go to trial. According to an article... Read more

John Campos Reaches Plea Agreement

The former Vice Chairman of the SunFirst Bank, John Campos plead guilty to one count of misdemeanor conspiracy for his part in assisting the online poker sites in processing payments to their American customers. Since Chad Elie also reached a plea agreement recently, the highly anticipated public... Read more

Chad Elie Pleads Guilty To Conspiracy

After the online poker sites cut ties with Daniel Tzvetkoff, they would need to establish new business relationships that could fulfil the same service. Chad Elie would become one such ally that helped conceive a network of shell companies that would knowingly trick the banks in processing... Read more

Daniel Tzvetkoff Set To Appear in Upcoming Black Friday Trial

Before the days of Black Friday, Daniel Tzvetkoff was the answer to the prayers of online poker sites trying to do business in a post-UIEGA world. At one time, he was a hero to the poker sites. However, after a series of double-crossing maneuvers, Tzvetkoff is now... Read more

Ray Bitar Breaks His Silence Regarding FTP

Ray Bitar, the disgraced CEO of Full Tilt Poker, conducted his first interview since Black Friday over at pokerstrategy.com. Although Bitar predictively revealed little new information, analysts suggest that just the fact that he is speaking is a good sign that the Group Bernard Tapie deal could... Read more

GBT Still Committed To FTP Deal

It has been a few months since the announcement was made that the Department of Justice had made an agreement with Group Bernard Tapie to take over the assets of Full Tilt Poker without much indication of progress. Some analysts even believe the deal is in jeopardy... Read more

Blow To US Federal Online Regulation

Last week, rumours began to arise that Senator Harry Reid would attach legislation for legalizing online poker in the US to the upcoming payroll tax bill. However, Reid has recently told the Las Vegas Review Journal that it will not be happening at this time. Poker forums... Read more

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Controversy During $50k Poker Player Championship

The $50k Poker Player Championship is considered one of the more prestigious events at the World Series of Poker, so there is no surprise that... Read more

2012 WSOP: Rule 88 Causes ‘Tweet’ Controversy

Every year, the WSOP goes through several rule changes that they put into place to try an enhance play. Many of these rules are necessary... Read more