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Controversy During $50k Poker Player Championship

The $50k Poker Player Championship is considered one of the more prestigious events at the World Series of Poker, so there is no surprise that player’s emotions run high during critical all-in moments. Mix in one part bizarre floor rulings and you have a recipe for instant... Read more

2012 WSOP: Rule 88 Causes ‘Tweet’ Controversy

Every year, the WSOP goes through several rule changes that they put into place to try an enhance play. Many of these rules are necessary to maintain a healthy playing environment while adapting to modern life. For example, banning the use of electronic devices while at a... Read more

Your 2012 WSOP Guide

It is that time of the year again! The biggest tournament series of the year is no underway in Las Vegas at the Rio All-Suites. That’s right! The World Series of Poker is back and bigger then ever. 61 events will be played over 50 days of... Read more

PokerStars Announces 2012 SCOOP Schedule

The PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker is back and this year, its bigger than ever! With 140 tournaments spread over 40 events, there is no shortage of action to find. No matter what your bankroll size, you’re sure to discover a game for your level. With... Read more

Poker Journal: Red Spade Open

The Red Spade Open is one of my favourite tournaments to play on PokerStars. Outside of the minimum $1 million dollar prize pool with $200,000 guaranteed first place prize, there is also a chance to get a bounty knock-out on any of the PokerStar’s Team Online or... Read more

WBCOOP 2012 & Blog For Your Chance To Win Cash And SCOOP Tickets

The Spring Championship of Online Poker is just around the corner and PokerStars is giving everyone a chance win huge cash prizes and even free entries into SCOOP events. What’s the catch? This is a blog contest so it’s time to put on your creative thinking cap.... Read more

Details Of PokerStars 2012 Rake System Changes

Change from ‘Dealt’ to ‘Weighted Contributed’ VPP earnings at ring games will be calculated using the ‘weighted contributed’ method, changing from the ‘dealt’ method. The weighted contributed method awards VPPs to each player based on how much they contribute to the pot. You can read more about... Read more

TCOOP 2012

Do you have the need for speed… and big tournaments? Well then, PokerStars has got the series for you! Coming this January 19-29th, PokerStars will be hosting the Turbo Championship Of Online Poker with $10,000,000 in guaranteed prizes over 50 events. With buy-ins ranging from just $5.50... Read more

November Nine Bio’s: Badih “Bob” Bounahra

Name: Badih “Bob” Bounahra Age: 49 Hometown: Originally Lebanon, now Belize City, Belize Online Alias: LEB_BEL Current Place: 6th Current Chip Count: 19,700,000 Vegas Odds-To-Win:  7-1 Largest Online Win: $19,500 PokerStars $250k Guarantee Largest Live Win Prior To WSOP: $30,054 $1k Latin American Poker Tour Bob Bounahra,... Read more

November Nine Bio’s: Pius Heinz

Name: Pius Heinz Age: 22 Hometown: Cologne, Germany Online Alias: MastaP69 Current Place: 7th Current Chip Count: 16,4250,000 Vegas Odds-To-Win:  10-1 Largest Online Win: $61,072.000 Largest Live Win Prior To WSOP: $83,286 (7th $1,500 WSOP NLHE 2011)   Pius came into his first World Series with an... Read more

November Nine Bio’s: Anton Makiievskyi & Sam Holden

Name: Anton Makiievskyi Age: 21 Hometown: Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, now resides in Kiev Online Alias: ? Current Place: 8th Current Chip Count: 13,825,000 Vegas Odds-To-Win:  11-1 Largest Online Win: ? Largest Live Win Prior To WSOP: $18,787 Yalta Summer Poker Festival Anton is not only the first Ukrainian player... Read more

The 42nd Annual WSOP: The Numbers In Review

Looming before the start of 42nd Annual World Series of Poker, the aftermath effects of Black Friday were still being felt. Many wondered if there would be a noticeable change in attendance with millions of dollars locked up on several online sites. American players on PokerStars would... Read more

Poker Journal: Live WSOP Main Event Updates

Hey poker fans!  I’m sitting at the airport bar waiting for my flight to Vegas and the excitement is brewing as we’re less then 24 hours away from the start of the WSOP main event. No need to be envious, though, as we’re about to bring you... Read more

Poker Strategy: Continuation Bets

The continuation bet is one of the more common plays in poker and is a prime example of how aggressive play can be used effectively. However, it’s not always as simple as just betting all your flops and knowing the proper time to use is will make... Read more

Poker Strategy: Cash Game Table Selection

Patience: Not Just In The Game Patience is a word that gets tossed out a lot when talking about poker strategy – and for good reason! It’s certainly one of the most important traits to have a hold of when determining your skill level. However, it’s amazing... Read more


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Happy Hour Week At PokerStars

PokerStars is offering an amazing promotion for one week only! From now until August 2nd, you have an opportunity to make 50% more VPPs/FPPs whenever...

PokerStar’s MicroMillions II Wraps Up With Main Event

PokerStars player ‘SoyDelGlobo’ has won the MicroMillions II Main Event, scooping the first prize of $157,218.68 after finishing first from a field of 65,063. The...

PokerStars Macau Expands

PokerStars Macau today announced that it has added two more special events to the 2012 Asia Player of the Year season. The Macau Poker Cup...

LAPT Adds New Panama Stop

The Latin American Poker Tour has just announced that there will be a new stop in the Central American country of Panama. The event will...